The Bruciaga family of Puerto Escondido built Zaachila, their first 6 unit condominium, in 1997. In late 1999, they completed Eglantina 1-9, a 9 unit condominium. Eglantina 10-22, a 12 unit condominium, was nearly complete as of January, 2002. This will be their last condominium. In the future, they will focus their efforts on private home construction. They rent and sell their properties through MAB Realty. Additional pictures and information are available on MAB's web site.

We bought Eglantina #2 in March, 2000. It has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

photo taken in January, 2000

Eglantina condominium owners voted in l999 not to rent to families with children under the age of 13. We will abide by the no children under age 13 restriction.