Travel information for Puerto Escondido

United and American are among several major U.S. airlines that fly to Mexico City. Mexicana Airlines flies from selected U.S. cities to Mexico City, among them Chicago, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Antonio. From Mexico City(MEX), there are two ways to fly to Puerto Escondido(PXM)

1. Take Aerocaribe(a Mexicana subsidiary) direct to Puerto Escondido.

2. Take Mexicana to Huatulco(HUX), southeast of Puerto Escondido, then take a 1-1/2 hour taxi ride to Puerto Escondido. Often the flight scheduling is better and this route can be considerably cheaper. An air conditioned GMC Suburban or similar taxi is about $100 from Huatulco to Puerto Escondido. Smaller, cheaper taxis can be negotiated for as little as $40.00. Bus transportation is available, and is much cheaper.

Also, Apple Vacations operates chartered jets, often nonstop, from Chicago to Huatulco.

Two paved roads, Highways 175 and 131, connect Oaxaca City and Puerto Escondido. Driving time is about 6 hours, or 8 hours by bus. Highway 200 connects Acapulco and Puerto Escondido: about 5 hours by car, 7 hours by bus. Mexicana flies to both Oaxaca City and Acapulco.

Car rentals are available in Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, but many vacationers opt for taxis. In Puerto Escondido, taxis are everywhere, and cost about a $1.50 per trip.

Gene at Vista World Travel (800-880-8068, San Antonio, TX) specializes in Mexican travel arrangements. As Gene says:

"We have really been working on that area for about 6 years and know most of the tricks to get a good airfare. Also we have an excellent relationship with Mexicana and can get seats cleared sometimes when space is not really available in the computer."

Gene can also book Apple Vacations charters. I can personally recommend his services - we use him for our own reservations.

If you are traveling during mid December-mid January, particularly on Mexicana Airlines, book your flights early. Even in September, many Mexicana options are limited.