Tom Penick maintains a great website on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, including detailed information on Puerto Escondido. It has the most comprehensive coverage of the area that I have seen on the Internet or in print.

His Visitor's Comments on Puerto Escondido "tell it like it is", and are particularly interesting and informative.

See my Weather & Climate link for temperature and precipitation graphs and weather links.

See my Beaches link for pictures and aerial photographs of all of Puerto Escondido's beaches.

Puerto Escondido's Zicatela beach is home to the "Mexican Pipeline", one of the top surfing destinations in the world. For more information and pictures, see Puerto Escondido's Central Surf website, and my Surfing link.

The International Friends of Puerto Escondido(IFOPE) is group of foreigners living in Puerto Escondido. They have offerred their expertise to visitors who find themselves in a serious medical or other emergency. Their Emergency Response Team is notified of any foreigner needing or asking for assistance. They maintain a strong community involvement, and interface with city hall, local police, Red Cross, hotels and medical clinics.